They are many times, the forgotten ones. And we only realize how important it is that they are healthy when they have a problem. The feet, enclosed throughout the winter, take a break in summer, when we store the winter shoes and resort to comfortable and, above all, fresh sandals. And it is that the feet suffer and in what way! The choice of footwear we make.

According to the recent study published by ‘Arthritis Care & Research’, 60 percent of women suffer from foot pain from fashionable heels and sandals, and four out of ten claims to wear high shoes every day, according to the latest report of the American Podiatric Medical Association. Men are not saved either since there are specific considerations that we ignore when choosing our shoes. The consequence of the foot being the one that fits the pump instead of the other way around are back, joint and even head pains. “The main problems are caused by the height of the heel and the narrowness in the area of the fingers,” says Dr. Pedro Cosculluela, the orthopedic surgeon at the Houston Methodist Hospital.

(Internet consumer product marketing portal), collects the following tips and clarifications to take into account when acquiring new footwear that is respectful of our health:

  • The front part of the shoe must be flexible, being able to bend like the joints of the fingers. The popular platforms that have become so fashionable are excellent and, many of them, also press the fingers, affecting the structure of our body when walking.
  • The shoes do not have to always yield with the use, reason why we must avoid to buy them tight.
  • It is recommended that the tip is rounded so that the shoe adapts to the shape of the foot and fingers and not vice versa.
  • The heel should not exceed 3 centimeters if we are going to use them daily or walk a lot with them. The heels cause the posture of the body to be altered, shifting the weight forward and resenting up to the neck.
  • The sole must be thick to cushion the steps and avoid the impact on the joints. To prevent inopportune missteps and their consequences, it is always preferable that the footwear has a non-slip sole.