Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Options.

Plantar Fasciitis is a common foot issue resulting in pain at the heel. The Plantar Fascia or arch tendon is a broad, thick area of tissue that extends from near the heel to the toes of the foot. Discomfort is often felt near the front and inside of the heel, and may extend further towards the arch area. It is typically most painful upon rising as the plantar fascia stiffens up during sleep. After moving around for a while it relaxes a little and the pain may diminish, to increase again towards the evening. Reasons for Plantar Fasciitis can include foot overpronation, overuse, and tight muscles in the lower leg. Conservative treatment may include rest and ice therapy to reduce pain and inflammation. Orthotic inserts may be appropriate to fix any biomechanical problems present. Stretching can be very helpful, and a night splint is frequently effective. There is a precise taping technique that can be very helpful in providing support to the arch as it heals. Massage can reduce tension in the area and thereby provide some relief. Should these options not be successful, a physician can prescribe a corticosteroid injection. As a last resort, surgery can be considered.

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